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book_trade's Journal

The Book Exchange
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This is a book loan and giveaway community. It is closed, because we'd like to monitor who is joining. We'd like everyone to be comfortable with the people they're lending their books out to.

To join please email Village and Firelily at digital_play@yahoo.com or firelily1979@yahoo.com with "book exchange inquiry" in the subject line. It makes it easier for us to seperate our mail. :)

After you join, please make a post including your username, your location and the books you have available for loan.

Name: randombookgirl (Lara)
Location: Bordeaux, France
Email Address: (so people can email you about borrowing the book) booksrcool@hotmail.com
Books available for loan:
The Impossible: A Story of Rats Followed by Dianus and by the Oresteia" by Georges Bataille, Robert Hurley
The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss
Madame de Pompadour: Mistress of France by Christine Pevitt Algrant
Making Cards With Rubberstamps by Maggie Wright (Borrowed)

Once you have posted your information and your book list, it will be added to the community's memory log. So members can go back and check to see what you have available to share.

Please try to make a note of which of your books are being borrowed so people don't ask you for a book that's already in use. Other than that organize your list any way you wish.

Once you do request a book and it is lent to you, you will have 3 weeks to read the book and send it back. At the end of the 3 weeks, we request that you let the community know whether you need more time with the book or if you're done and are sending it back. That way you can renew the book for 3 more weeks, as long as the lender isn't in a hurry to get the book back.

If you have books to giveaway or are looking for a specific book please post them as a regular entry. They will not be added to the memory.

Also please tell us your thoughts on the book you were lent or given. Recommendations are always appreciated.